About Estoty School

Disclaimer: lectures will be held in English language 🇬🇧

“Estoty School” is a socio-educational programme organised by enthusiastic professionals from “Estoty Vilnius”, a mobile game development studio. It’s designed for anyone who dreams of creating games. We’ll educate you about the skills and tools needed to develop your first mobile game, the importance of teamwork, and how to get some hands-on experience. Our shared knowledge will help you decide if game development is right for you.

Our program program will consist of 10-13 lectures, as well as 4 discussion evenings during which you will learn about the skills and tools needed for your first game. We will answer the question of whether a team is necessary for game development, and also advise on whether it is necessary to have the skills of a graduate of an art academy to pursue this path and much more… In short, all the knowledge we will share will help you decide – to be or not to be a game developer.

Only the most motivated individuals will be admitted to the “Estoty School” program. If you are exactly that and aspire to broaden your horizons in the field of game development, these courses provide an excellent opportunity to do so. The fourth round begins on June 10, 2024, so don’t wait any longer and register today!

Who is Estoty? What knowledge can we share?

Estoty is a mobile game development studio, focused on casual games, but with an ever-expanding portfolio and ambition.

We’ve been developing mobile games since 2014, played by more than 50M active users every month. Estoty has achieved tremendous success with popular games such as Johnny Trigger (300M downloads), Jelly Shift (160M), Knife Hit (130M), House Paint (110M), and Train Taxi (110M), amassing over 2 billion downloads.

Who are the lecturers?

Experienced and talented gamedev employees at Estoty Vilnius. Having contributed to multiple successful games, they’ll cover topics such as 3D, UI/UX, Animation, Teamwork, and many more.

We hope to help you decide if you wish to pursue game development, which position would suit you best, and whether you can start building your first game today.

What’s the lecture format?

All lectures will be held on-site (not online).

How much does it cost to participate in the Estoty School project?

All knowledge and expert advice – for a one-time participation fee of EUR 20 (we’ll send payment information to selected participants). We will use the funds raised for good cause – for the organisations or people who need support the most at the moment. We will announce this in a separate public post.


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We do not know many who have worked in gamedev and quit it after. Probably that is because it is of the best industries to work in. We’re hoping to help you find your place in the gamedev industry.

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